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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reducing for Romania - Week 8 Update

So far so good!  Today marks the two month (8 weeks) period in my weight loss adventure and I am happy to report that I have lost 22.5 pounds so far.  I am relatively happy since, while I have been more active, I haven't been to the gym, etc.  That will come soon enough, but so far, my diet has changed enough that the weight has been coming off.  Oh, I have walked to work and back a couple times a week and I have used some 5 pound weights while talking on the phone, etc.  But, other than that, I have stuck to a low carb, vegetable and meat diet to loose the weight.  I am now down to my lowest weight in the last 5 years and starting to wear clothes I had thought I might never wear again.

The Reducing for Romania finances go up with every pound I loose.  I have until December 15 to
loose as much as I can (I am trying not to loose to much too fast, hoping to keep this off).  I think I should be able to hit my goal of 30 pounds - only 7.5 left to go.   However, I haven't been aggressive in asking for donations.  So far I people have pledged $23 per pound making my total so far $517.5 for the team coming in June of 2015.  Would you be willing to sponsor me per pound.  Comment below or send me a personal message.

The nice part of my diet/weight loss is that my sugar is down over 30 points in the morning to almost normal levels!  Now, instead of dreading going to the doctor for my blood work and results, I am really looking forward to his reaction!  (He is sponsoring me, by the way.)  I am really praying I can cut back and even stop my medication for the diabetes at some point.

Thanks for your prayers for me as I loose this weight,  for my family as we leave in March and the team who will join us in Romania in June.