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Friday, January 25, 2013

Everything Is Bigger In Texas

We enjoyed lunch with my uncle Dale today and we had the Santa Fe chicken sandwich. It is true what they say, everything is bigger in Texas!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

BeastMode and Coach Pete

I am not a Seahawks fan, and I will ultimate root for the AFC team in the Super Bowl, but a youth pastor friend of mine working in the Northwest made this video and I thought it would good to show before the games.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Visit To The PA Farm Show

We took a trip to the PA Farm Show this week.  This show is billed as the "largest indoor agricultural exposition in the country".  Ella seemed to really enjoy the people and the animals.  I really enjoyed the food!  It was the first time for both Jana and Ella to attend.  I think it was a good time for all of us.  Below, Ella tries to make friends with one of the hundreds of cows exhibited at the complex.  

Parents: What Can Be Learned from the Hatfields & McCoys?

In this week's Link For Parents, Brain Housman writes on about the "winner takes all" approach to parenting.  So many times we forget to forgive and will do anything to show our kids that we are in charge.  Check out Brian's tips and comment below with your thoughts and ideas.  Here's the link.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Simply Youth Ministry Conference

For all my Youth Ministry friends . . . You NEED to consider going to this conference this year! You have a little time left to get the discounted registration! Go to for more information and to register.


Walk Through the Bible Event at RMC!

RMC is planning a "Walk Thru the Bible, Old Testament" Event on Saturday, March 2. I have been through a number of these seminars and have enjoyed each one and learned something each time. Times/costs/information will be coming very soon. I have embedded a video about the event below. Check it out, mark the date on your calendar and plan to join us for this very informative seminar.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ella Gets a Ride in Her Blanket

The Cruiser's Ladies enjoyed Ella during our Christmas party.  She enjoyed having them here too.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Do Your Kids Learn From Your Marriage?

I would like to start a new weekly series on "A Bunch of Stuff" that will try to encourage parents as they raise their kids.  Actually, it might just me looking for some help as well.  And, almost ALL the content will be from others who have more experience then me.  But, from my 25 years of experience as a youth pastor, I have come to realize that the parents have all the responsibility of raising their kids - not the youth pastor, the church or anyone else.  So, I want to encourage parents to do the parenting.

Here is my first link.  Please feel free to comment about your thoughts below.  
Doug Fields writes about "10 Things Kids Learn From Their Parents' Marriage" at  He says that while he is not always speaking about his marriage, his kids can always learn from what they see.  Just as an older gentleman with three boys told me a long time ago.  "I always try to follow the speed limit and the posted signs because I have 6 eyes in the back seat watching everything I do."  Same is true about your marriage.  Check out Doug's list and evaluate how you are doing in your marriage.  And, maybe you could add to the list.