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Friday, May 29, 2009

Richfield Raceway Goes Offroad

The Richfield Raceway (Outdoor) Remote Controlled track will soon be open. Above, some of the guys add clay dirt to the corner of the new raceway. During the past few weeks, Aaron and his group of guys have been working hard to get the track open. According to the off road racing will include 1/8th Buggy and Monster Truck as well as 1/10th Stadium Truck, Slash, and any other class that has 3 vehicles in it. They will be racing Wednesday nights and every other Saturday.

The off road track is an offshoot of the indoor track at the Richfield Mennonite Church Family Life Center where they have had 30 or more RC enthusiasts racing Friday nights during the Fall, Winter and Spring.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visit the Lakeview Cinema

This weekend my wife and I visited her family and hometown. Being Memorial Day weekend we had great food and had a good time with family and friends. It was very relaxing.

Now, Galeton, PA is a bit like my hometown. It is a bit bigger than Richfield but Richfield is closer to civilization than Galeton. (They have to travel farther to get to a Wal-Mart, etc.) Being bigger, they have a few things Richfield doesn't have: a traffic light, more eateries, a Moose Lodge, a high school and a movie theater. The latter was of interest to me ever since I found out about it. Well, this weekend I had the opportunity to go to the "Lakeview Cinema" on Germania Road in Galeton. We saw "Night at the Museum 2", which was a nice movie for the entire family. But, I really enjoyed just being in the theater.

The Lakeview is in a former Baptist church and with the exception of the projection room, a screen and theater seats, hasn't been changed too much. The "stage" is still there. The choir loft remains and the typical red church carpet is on the isles on the floor. It even still smelled a bit like an old church. The theater, which seats 75 (more than enough for the crowd on Monday night), has been in business for 9 years. They didn't have surround sound but the system they used was more than adequate for the theater. It was nice to listen as my mother-in-law talked across the theater with some Galeton locals.

Always pulling for the underdog, I hope the Lakeview will continue to show movies for years to come. If you are ever in the "Galeton Area" and have the time, check out the Lakeview Cinema. I think you will be glad you did.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diet Mt. Dew

I love Diet Mt. Dew! Unfortunately, I can't get it to sell it in the fountain form at Cruiser's Cafe. If I could I would.

Monday, May 18, 2009

66 Year Old to Have Baby

Let me know what you think about this. I like the Fox News story better but couldn't find it fast.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love Dare Book Wins Award

Film and Book Continue to Spur Sales and Change Lives 

NASHVILLE—May 13, 2009. The Love Dare—the book that began as a plot device in the number-one 2008 indie theatrical film Fireproof, sold more than 2 million copies and, after 32 weeks remains atop the New York Times bestseller list—received the Platinum Award (more than 1 million sold) from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (EPCA) at its Executive Leadership Summit in late April 2009.

Printed and distributed by B&H Publishing, The Love Dare sells in both paperback and leather-like (much as it appears in the movie Fireproof) “Legacy” editions—and in English and Spanish versions. Churches, groups, and individuals nationwide buy the books in bulk and now order accompanying workbooks.

Since Rick Warren’s release of The Purpose Driven Life, no Christian “advice” book has captured wide public interest like this small series of 40 daily challenges to learn and practice unconditional love for one’s spouse.

“We knew Fireproof would spur book sales but no one could have anticipated all this,” said B&H Marketing Vice President John Thompson. “The EPCA award underscores that the book and movie have long graduated from ‘products’ to a marriage movement. Lives are changing—and that’s why we’re all here.”

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) is an international non-profit trade organization of nearly 250 member companies worldwide involved in publishing and distributing Christian literature.

The Love Dare was written by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, the brother team that also co-wrote (and produced and directed) Fireproof. A Provident Films production, Fireproof was 2008’s number one independent film at the box office—produced for $500,000 and grossing $33 million. In the movie, after he and his wife have agreed to divorce, firefighter Caleb Holt’s father gives him a handwritten book, a 40-day challenge to love his wife. Audiences left the popular movie asking, “How can I get that book?”

B&H Publishing Group, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources, produces some of today’s most sought-after books, Bibles, church supplies, and multimedia products.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who Jesus Came For

If you check out the "Blogs I Frequent" portion on my blog, you may have seen this. If not, I thought this was really good. It is from Josh Griffin's blog This is so true.

by Rick Warren, from this week’s sermon:

In my study of Gospels, I made a list of the people Jesus came for:

Jesus came for the chewed up, crossed off, crying out

The dropped out, edged out, fizzled out, and freaked out

The have nots, the held back, hung over, and knocked around

He came for the left out, the loaded down, and looked over,

The locked up, led astray, laid off, and let down

The messed up and the mixed up

He came for the passed over, the picked on, put down, pinned down and pushed around

The ripped off, the run down and the run over

Jesus came for people who are screwed up and the shrugged off,

The shut in and shut out

The smashed up, the stacked against, and strung out

Our Savior came for the torn up, thrown away, and the turned off

Those who used up and walked over,

The washed out, the worn out, the wiped out, and the written off

He came for you. And me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Service Styles

This week at church we are doing something we have never done before at RMC. We are going to have two different styles of worship in separate buildings at the same time with the same sermon (live feed). I am concerned about all the logistics. I just hope things go smoothly. We are going to have more of a Traditional service in the church auditorium and more of a contemporary service in the Fellowship Hall. We have tried hard to get everything to work out so that the Fellowship Hall service can be done with the "preliminaries" (not a good word) at the same time as the Church service. Everything is timed out but . . . well, you know how it goes. I am anxious to hear the speaker, Dr. David Clemens. He has been a good friend and I REALLY enjoy listening to him speak. The morning is the beginning of our Bible Conference. Dr. Clemens will speak 4 more times Sunday through Wed, each evening at 7 PM.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is It Edible?

Now you can drive and EAT your car at the same time. And . . . if you run out of fuel, you may be able to use that Hershey Chocolate Bar you have on the seat next to you. According to, "A team of British engineers have designed a car that not only runs on a fuel derived from the tasty treat, but is largely constructed from parts derived from vegetables." Check out the story here.

Unfortunately for me, candy bars don't last real long when I'm around and I obviously don't like to eat vegetables as much as I should. Now, if the body were made of chocolate and the fuel was vegetables . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Speaker, Counselor, All Around Great Person

If you haven't already, you should check out Jana's (my wife) web site. I am so proud of her. She is finishing her ministry at First Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg at the end of this month and will be pursuing a speaking/counselling career. She has spoken at PA Impact for Central PA Youth Ministries; Group Workcamps Foundation camps; Simply Youth Ministry/Group National Youth Ministry Conference; for FCA and Young Life, and many other places. Also, she has taken a number of clients for pre-marital and personal counseling. So, if you need a speaker/counselor, let me know or contact Jana through her site.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slap Chop Song

Last night I met with my "Video Game Geeks" small group. I had asked them to find some YouTube videos both funny/entertaining and serious. The following was chosen as the best entertaining video they came up with. These guys (Video Game Geeks) really do enjoy life.

It's What I Love

I started this post telling you all the things I love and hate about my job/ministry. Then, I deleted it all. . . It was really long. . . It was more of a rant than it should have been. . . In the end, it was theraputic and I realized how much I need to be doing what I am doing becuase it's what I love and it's what I think I was created for.

I hope to be posting more frequently from now on.