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Monday, March 31, 2008

Three Months and 41 Pounds later. . .

I had my final weigh-in today at the MACC. I started on January 2 at 318lbs. Today I weighed in at 277lbs.!! I can pick up my check for $410, which I am donating to our trip to Hungary in June, on Saturday. I want to continue to loose weight, however, I went directly to Cruiser's Cafe and had a Super (double cheese burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, and pickles) a small order of fries, a bag of chips and a dish of Moose Tracks ice cream! They said on America's Biggest Loser that you should have a cheat day. Today was mine! Anyway, thanks to all who gave me encouragement throughout the past three months. I will continue to update about how much more I loose. I will be weighing in in front of the youth each Wednesday night.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I Think I know Napolean Dynamite

Would the real Napoleon Dynamite please stand up.

Oooops - No Skit Guys at Impact 09

I have to write a retraction. I posted the other day that the "Skit Guys" will be at Impact 09. I misread the email I received from Dave Hummell. It was totally my fault. We are trying to book them for the following year, but they won't be there next year. Sorry for the confusion.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3 Pounds This Week - Hungry for Hungary

I lost three more pounds this week! Look for a longer post in the morning.  

Added Thursday morning:

I started on January 2 at 321 pounds and have now lost 42 pounds!  I have to officially weigh in at the MACC before the end of March, so I can't be sure exactly what the total amount will be until then.  I plan to continue to weigh in each week in front of the Youth.  I would love to continue to loose more weight.  Thanks to all who have encouraged me with comments and words.  That was more helpful than you may ever know.  

Skit Guys at IMPACT 09

Just found out that the "Skit Guys" have been booked for IMPACT 09!! What a great opportunity. Here is a clip. Actually, it is how I feel at times here. The part time youth pastor really reminds me of our Ministry Assistant, Aaron.

I was mistaken!! The "Skit Guys" will NOT be at Impact 09! Sorry for the confusion!

Can You Count the Passes?

I thought this was good video.  Please comment about your experience with the video.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mark Cable at the RMC Coffeehouse

We are preparing for a new event at our church . . . a coffeehouse with Mark Cable. He will be in our Family Life Center at 7 PM on Sunday night, April 13. Free coffee, desserts and good entertainment in a coffeehouse atmosphere. Check out the RMC Coffeehouse website for more information.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I am not sure how I can be happy and yet sooooooo frustrated at the same time. Just so you know, I am not frustrated at the same thing I am happy about. Sorry about this boring post.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

He Is Risen!

"Easter is a time of celebration for the church to recognize and give glory to the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for every human being on this planet," he says. "If Christ did not rise again our religion is a false religion. But he did. He proved himself to be the son of God."

- a quote from Paul Pankhurst, a volunteer at Saddleback Church, in the OC Register

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Am I crazy or what? An all-nighter a couple of days before Sunrise
Service? The kids love it though. Here we are bowling. Ice cream at
Cruiser's Cafe at 1 AM is next. This is crazy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One More Pound With Only 12 Days To Go

I lost a pound since last time. Not good but not bad. I weigh in
officially on March 31.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter: Invite a Friend to Church

We showed this video on Sunday. We paid for it. Here it is from Youtube. I think it is a great reminder to invite people to church! 82 percent will go with you.

What do Youth Workers Talk About At Lunch?

What do youth workers talk about during lunch? Well, today at our monthly lunch at the China House Buffet (not good for a guy on a diet) I took note of the topics that came up. Just so you know, we did talk about ministry some, but basically, this monthly lunch is just a time for the everyone to be encouraged. Here is the list of some of the things we talked about (the links are mine):

How (if) Jesus would play golf in Heaven
Pushing a corps through the employee's cafeteria
Jana blowing chunks
Epileptic seizures
Fortune cookies
Asian TV Shows
synesthesis phenomenon
Awkward moments

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lunch With Buddy Davis

I got to spend some time with Buddy and Kay Davis on Saturday. We went to Cruiser's Cafe . . . of course. Buddy is on staff at Answers In Genesis and was at RMC for a Sportsman's Banquet on Saturday and all day Sunday for an Answers conference. He sculpts a bunch of their dinosaurs and other exhibits in their Creation Museum.

We had a great lunch together. I really enjoyed getting to know both of them.

A Few Pictures From the Wizard of Oz

A few pictures from the weekend at the "Wizard of OZ"
The Tin Man talks with a fan.
One of the make-up tables backstage

A picture of one of the french horn bells.

Kevin, the maestro, during intermission.

In all, it was a good show. My mother told my father that "for three hours I was able to forget the rest of the world. I loved it!." I really enjoyed getting to know the kids.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Back Stage At Oz!

Dorothy, a tree and the Witch pose before the curtain goes up at East
Juniata's production of the Wizard Of Oz.

Continued Being Busy

I have had very little time to relax after Impact. This week I was helping every night with the sound for the Musical at EJ. Their performances are tonight and tomorrow night. This weekend we have Buddy Davis from Answers in Genesis here for a Sportsman's Banquet on Saturday and then an "Answers" conference on Sunday. Hopefully next week will slow down some and I will be able to post a few pics from last weekend, the musical this weekend and more.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IMPACT 2009 Information

Some people have asked about Impact 2009. Here is what I know right now. We will again be at the Harrisburg Hilton. The dates are March 6,7,8. Our speaker will be Darren Whitehead. Darren is the Student Impact Director at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL. I will try to update you on this periodically.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fireproof" Teaser Trailer

Here is the trailer for "Fireproof", the newest movie from Sherwood Pictures, the makers of "Facing the Giants". Check out the site here.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Congrats Zeke

I would like to congratulate Zeke Pyle for his 6th place finish at the state wrestling championships over the weekend! I had the pleasure of coaching Zeke in football. He was very teachable and great to be around. Here's an article if you haven't already seen it.

Way to go Zeke!

Recovery from Impact

I am still recovering from Impact and trying to get things in order here. I will be posting one or more times about Impact and posting some pics but it will be later. For now I would like to just say that my prayer is that IMPACT 08 has encouraged kids and adults alike to go deeper with their relationship with Jesus. I think it was a great weekend overall! Thanks AGAIN to Bob, Dave the Horn Guy, the Matt Papa Band and everyone from Central PA Youth Ministries and the sound company not just for using their talent but for their servant attitude! You guys were great to work with. Look for pics in a later post.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Horn Guy Directs the Green Horns

Dave gets help tonight.

Google Backwards

One of the kids at Impact saw me with my computer and asked me to google "elgoog" and click on the first link that comes up. If you don't want to go through the hassle, here's the link:

Wake Up Call from Dave the Horn Guy

Here is a video of Dave the Horn Guy waking up kids that we showed this morning at Impact 08. Enjoy!


Impact Pics

A few Pics from Impact. Top: Lavern showing off the Impact t-shirt, Middle: Dave and Matt, Bottom: Kids having fun.

Addicted to Blogging

My name is Joel Wade Snyder and I am addicted to blogging - I can't go to sleep at night unless I have blogged at least 4 times during the day! It is a disease - a sickness - I just can't stop blogging..... I need some help!!! Please help me!!!
The above was written by
a couple of unscrupulous people
who are jealous of
my blogging ability
- Joel

Friday Night Wrap Up

Friday Night at Impact is closed for the night. Groups are spending time together at their "Chat" time. Overall everything went really well. This group of speakers and band has been great to work with and I love their servant attitude! There are over 1100 people crammed into the ballroom at the Hilton. To keep their attention like they did all night was a testament to their God-given talent!

We gave everyone my cell phone number and had them see who could text me first. Overall I got almost 75 texts within about 10 minutes! I can't seem to download the pictures they are sending me. . . and I am supposed to be a tech guy!?

Bob Stromberg had everyone falling off their seats with some great comedy and then shared about God's great love for us. I am looking forward to the rest of his talks.

The hotel has been sooo nice. They have told us about how well our group has been in the past. I am sure it will continue. It had better.

It is late. I am going to get to bed. Look for pics tomorrow afternoon.

Bob Takes Time With A Student

Bob Strombsrg talks with Malachi after his session.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Matt Papa Band Rocks The House

Impact 08 is under way! Dave The Horn Guy got things started and then
the Matt Papa Band got the place moving! Bob Stromberg is coming up

Lunch With Yhe Horn Guy

I had lunch with Dave "The Horn Guy" and his friend (and now mine, I hope) Clint this afternoon. We discussed the weekend and talked about a lot of things. I love his servant spirit and look forward to working with him this weekend. This should be a good week.

Getting Ready for IMPACT!

We arrived around 10:50 AM to prepare for IMPACT 08. Soon afterward the work began. . .
"Flying" the truss

Unloading the gear

Eric and Justin acting "tough"?!?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blogging the IMPACT 08 Conference

I will be blogging from the 19th annual Central PA Impact Conference at the Hilton in Harrisburg, PA. Come back often.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Is Coming - Geese!

The past three days I have heard a lot of "honking" around the office. The geese are flying by. This morning there were three "V's" (I don't know what they are called) of them, one right after another. There were hundreds of them. I am always fascinated by this event and how they work together to make it easier on each other and how God has created them to know where to go and when. I took a picture this morning but you can't see anything but clouds. So, I found the following picture on Google images. Thought it was interesting.

Click here to see more pics.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let Us Hear Both Sides

There are a lot of people who argue for and against Intelligent Design and Evolution. It can be an emotional issue and one that may never be settled in America. Years ago evolution was banned in the schools and only creationism based on the Bible being inerrant was taught. However, it seems that today only the evolutionary theory is allowed and there is very little discussion on any other theories.

Now a new movie, "Expelled. No Intelligence Allowed", (you can also see a trailer here) is getting ready to be released (April 18) that says it "blows the horn on suppression" of those who disagree with the evolutionary theory of the creation of the world. I have posted about this before and I have not seen the movie, yet, but I am looking forward to it - now more than ever. Why? Because so many "Big Science" people are against it. Go to the "Get Expelled" Blog and check out the links of those who are upset. I don't know if people are suppressed if they go against big science or not. But, I would like to hear from those who think they are. When it comes to theories, I would like to think all sides should be heard. I admit that I would side myself with Intelligent Design. And, I know there was a time when evolution was totally suppressed. However, it seems like the opposite is happening. I don't know about you, but, in America, we should have the ability to hear both sides.

Go see the movie and then tell me what you think.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Volunteers.

I have been blessed to have a bunch adults who have been volunteering with the youth at the church. Some have been doing this with me for almost 20 years. Without them, I would be lost. Most are products of youth groups past. In the picture, Justin is taking his turn talking to the group. Thanks to all of you!!!

Ads Catch More Than Attention

Thanks to Beanie & Beanie (same guy) for this find. There is a chain of Convenience stores on the east coast, here, named Sheetz. Their lastest advertising campaign is for their chicken sandwich. There is a small problem as they are using the word "Frickin" in front of Chicken. It rhymes, they say. Here is the article. One thing it has done is given Sheetz more publicity. I would have NEVER known about it execpt for this article. I am reserving judgement. I would like to know what you think. Comment, please. Here is a short sample . . .

Sheetz isn't just selling crispy chicken.

It's selling "Crispy Frickin' Chicken."

Big difference. It rhymes, you see. And when written in a large, bold
font on a billboard off Route 39 in Derry Twp., it sure is an attention-getter.

"Frickin'" might be a euphemism for a more naughty word, but that
doesn't make it any less naughty itself, a Lower Swatara Twp. couple are

It's too close to a certain four-letter-word that Sherri and Michael
Sucec used to use before they were saved, a word that commonly means having sex.
When the Sucecs noticed the Sheetz billboard in Derry Twp., they called and
wrote their complaints to Sheetz.