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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Night at Camp

The campers have arrived and the camp week has begun! After all the introductions and information, the kids have begun to get settled in. The kids have been put into teams for the weekly Bible memorization contest and had a preview of the weeks' theme. The camp fire speaker, Paul Beech, gave his testimony. Devotions in the cabins closed out the evening (We hope. We will find out shortly at staff meeting.)

Today is yellow clothing and sunglasses day and we will begin our "WHAT?!?" theme, where we will talk about some of the things in the Bible that make you say "What?!?". We will also hear from today's missionary, Paul Beech from Keys Ministries. After quiz practice and lunch we will have crafts, activities at the big field, and spend the rest of the afternoon at Raystown Lake. During free time there is opportunities to participate in individual athletic competitions. Tonight is quizzing, snacks and camp fire.

The above is the basic schedule all week. I will post a few pictures later today and then the daily video later tonight. Thanks for following us during our week at camp!

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Julie Lower said...

Thanks for blogging. Make sure the kids drink plenty of water. It's supposed to be a hot and humid week! Have fun.