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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sandwich of the Week - SPAM & French Fries


Michele said...

Ok here's the thing...I am surprised your wife let you eat that. Aren't you diabetic? This is a sandwich I would also consider eating. I grew up on spam...breaded spam. yummo.

Anonymous said...

LOL... Interesting idea, Joel. Not a mayo guy though. But a layer of Spam, layer of fries (crispy) and then another layer of Spam would work for me. Or instead of cutting it from the end, stand it up and slice it into "Spam-Burgers." Two of those with fries in between and whatever fixin's you like, on a bun. Take care! Dave T. (Fish)

Joel Snyder said...

Thanks, Dave, for the idea(s)/comments! Come back regularly (Mondays) to see the newest concoction. :)

Joel Snyder said...

Michele, the SPAM has no carbs/sugars, the bread was wheat - not great but better than white - and the FF, well . . . I can have SOME carbs. It was really good, though. See you next Monday here for another "Sandwich of the Week".