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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Relax and Breath

I will try to be brief. . . Today was a great day!  I had the opportunity to use my gift of gab to welcome people to SYMC, met two guys from "Down Under", caught up with some friends, was available for people trying to connect, spent some time with my wife,  laughed at/with the skit guys, and was challenged by Francis Chan.  It was a really good day.

It is the last thing on that list that I want to write about.  Francis Chan challenged everyone tonight to remember that it we need to stop worrying about everything and let God take control.  "If we all died right now, God would still figure out Revelations without us, so just breath."  Just breath.  "Breath", the theme for the conference, has been on my mind since we left the convention center.  It is like God is saying, "Joel, let Me take care of everything."  Just relax (I put that in here for my sister) and breath.

Okay, I must admit I have been uptight this week knowing that I would be in Kentucky and my youth group was going to Impact 2012 without me.  I had had a big part of the planning of Impact.  I was a "charter" member, so to speak.  I hadn't missed a year since 1989!  Now, I was not going to be there and my youth were going to be under the volunteer youth leaders.  And, even though they are quite capable, I still worried.  But, tonight, I learned that I have been worrying about things I can't control.  I hadn't given up control of the situation.  Just like Chan, who mentioned that he had to sent a volunteer to minister to someone because he was sick.  That volunteer "hadn't written a book'! or wasn't "well known".  But the volunteer did a great job!  And my guys will too.  While I am trying to minister here with my wife, those guys are able to minister in Central PA!

Thanks God, for encouraging me tonight.  Thanks Francis Chan for being used by God.  Thanks SYMC for loving on me and thousands of other youth workers!  I've had a great day.

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