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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wing Night With the Boys

One of the best things about coaching is getting to know a bunch of great guys. Tonight was "wing night" with a bunch of them. Check out the pics.
Above: Tyler and Paco pose for the camera while nothing keeps Wade from his food!
Below: Bucket Head tries to keep up with Little Mitch. It's not gonna happen. Little Mitch ate 127 wings!
Below: Seniors Hoffman and Truitt can't believe they got out eaten by a sophomore!

Below: Chang and A.B. try to look serious.


Anonymous said...

Out-eaten by a sophomore and a drummer none the less! That may actually explain it!!!

janalynn said...

Oh my can anyone eat that many wings and not turn into a chicken???? I can eat 8 maybe 10 if I am really hungry!