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Friday, July 16, 2010

Food At Dutch Days

Last night while I was walking around at Dutch Days, someone suggested I write about all the different food available during the week. He wanted me to tell the best places to eat, etc. Well, the only problem with this is that I don't like most seafood. So I didn't think it was fair to those since I don't eat them.

Here is what I do know. Justin LOVES the fish sandwiches that the Richfield Boy Scouts sell. Last night two different people suggested that I eat a cheese steak sub, but I didn't and don't know who sells them. I have seen a bunch of people just eating fruit cups? For me, the old regulars are some of my favorite. I always make sure I get at least one hamburger, hot dog, ice cream (from the Freeburg Boy Scouts), funnel cake and I like to drink an orange aid (is that how you spell it?), from the big truck. The lemonade uses fresh squeezed lemons and is a favorite of many people. The Pizza buggy always has a line and so does the French Fry stand!

Each evening there is a special "meal" prepared. Check the web page for more information. There are many more good options, but unfortunately, I won't remember them all. I am hoping some people will comment and let me know what they enjoy.

Tonight is the Apple Pie Baking Contest, so I hope to partake in a good Apple Pie.

By the way, I am told that there are NO calories in any of the food on the Dutch Days grounds. I don't know how they do it, but I am told it is true!

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Anonymous said...

Last night I had a hot sausage sandwich with onions and peppers. That is one of my favorites of Dutch Days. I am like you, though..every year I like to get a funnel cake, a hamburger, a sausage sandwich, lemonade, and the new one...a chicken salad sandwich on a pretzel roll!! Yum! glad to hear none of this has calories. And the cheese sticks are good too! Many people like the chicken corn soup, pies, and Bar-b-que, although I don't usually get them. Dutch Days food is the best! --Andrea