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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Night - In the Books

Sunday night is completed and I am getting ready for staff meeting at Camp. Last night was a good night - at least I think, I haven't heard how devos and lights out went from the counselors. We are using Answers In Genesis material and talking about "Decoding the Mystery of Life". The kids were introduced to the Theme last night and Pastor Paul reinforsed the theme at camp fire time. I will be posting pictures and videos soon. Check back often to keep up with the "goings on" at camp!


Lindy said...

where are you holding this 'camp'? Is a particular church sponsoring it? Looks like a whole bunch of kids!! God bless every aspect!

Joel Snyder said...

The camp is at near Saxton, PA. We have 102 kids and about 40 staff. It is held in conjunction with two other churches. We have 61 kids from the Richfield Area.
BTW - I am really glad you are following me. I will try to keep you informed about the big town of Richfield and surrounding areas.