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Friday, August 19, 2011

Courageous: "A Mom's Got To See" Movie

Jana and I have had the opportunity to preview the new Courageous Movie (see trailer here) a few weeks ago.  The boys (and gals) from Albany, GA continue to produce entertaining and faith based movies.  Their latest offering (see a synopsis here) was thought provoking, entertaining, action packed and funny, just like the Sherwood movies in the past.  Also as in their past projects, there were those unexpected twists that made you have tears at one point only to be laughing the next.

I was pleasantly surprised by all the action scenes and loved the clear presentation of the Gospel.  Some might think having the Gospel message in the movie might keep non-church goers from coming but I believe the movie was done in a way that people won't be offended and hopefully (and prayerfully) some might even respond to the message.

Going into the theater before the preview, I did have one concern. . . being a youth pastor, I was concerned that a movie about fatherhood might not be relevant to teens.  I was wrong.  First, teens today need to know the importance of being a great and Godly father.  Second, there are so many other themes in this movie that kids, women and men need to see that and hear.  It's not JUST for fathers.  And, it is very entertaining as well.

I love the fact that someone is doing action packed, humorous, family films AND that people are showing the industry that those movies need to be made.  You should go to see this film and take your family and friends.  (Note: there is some violence so be careful who you take.)  This is definitely a "Mom's got to see this one" movie.

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