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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jana and Baby Update

The hospital has blocked Facebook and other sites AND I needed something to eat (the dining services basically don't serve between 10 and 11:15???) so I am at Sheetz. However, the Internet here is very slow. So, I have been here longer than I wanted to already.

Jana and I went home on Monday night around 9:45 PM. On Tuesday morning we called and found a chiropractor in Sunbury who would see Jana. The visit seemed very encouraging and she had about an hours worth of relief from the painful migraine! But, as has been the case for three weeks, the pain began to return. Thankfully, we had an appointment for an ultrasound and to see the doctor for the final time before next weeks delivery. The longer we stayed the more Jana complained of throbbing. The Doctor thought it would be best to send Jana to Labor and Delivery i.e. The Family Place, to see if they could help with the anguish. We stayed another night there after they gave Jana some morphine (it sounds really bad but they say it is common) and a sleeping pill. The MS doctor came in and gave Jana a thorough exam and believes this "headache" is hormonal and not MS related.

Today the pain was a little better but we aren't sure what will happen next. We continue to pray for some reprieve and for wisdom for the doctors.   They were hoping to be able to break this condition but haven't had any luck.  Jana's blood work and blood pressure have been great and the baby continues to give good readings.  It is just this blasted migraine we can't control.  Both Jana and I appreciate your continued prayers. 

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