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Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Time

I am writing this on my phone since the Internet here at the hospital is pathetic. So . . . A lot of new twists have taken place since yesterday.

After much deliberation and many phone calls, the medical team decided that there was no reason to have Jana continue to be in pain for another eight days. Their solution was to take the baby Thursday around 11 am. After the final decision was made, preparations began for this to happen. Jana continued to receive morphine to take the edge off of the pain and we continued to make plans for our new arrival.

This morning they came at 6 am to take more blood. At that time Jana said the pain was a bit better despite not having any medication since 11 PM.

Then, on top of everything, Jana started having contractions! I think God knew what He was doing by getting us to the hospital before this became an emergency cesarean section. Actually, so far the contractions haven't been too strong. Jana thinks they could have started around 5am or before.

We are now just waiting For the nurses to come take Jana to the operating room seeing as all the preparations are complete. Prayerfully within two hours we will get to see our little girl for the first time! And I will post pictures AFTER Jana wakes up and sees the baby. BTW - Because of Jana's factor 5 Leiden, she has to have a general anesthesia which means I can't go in the room. :(
Also, know that we will post the name we picked here later this evening.

So, please continue your prayerful ways and know you are appreciated.

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Aunt Michele said...

The big day is finally here...I am so excited for you both. Praying and waiting to see and hold my niece and watch my dear brother be a daddy. Also excited to find out what my nieces name is.