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Monday, September 22, 2014

Reducing For Romania - Week Four Weight Loss Update

So, after a week of bad batteries in the scale, we are back on track in the Reducing For Romania weight loss/fund raising. I feel as though I have done very well over the past four weeks and today I have some exciting news, At least I Think it is exciting.

Before I tell you the weight-loss, I would just like you to know that in the last two days my blood sugar was 118 and 115 respectively. I haven't seen those numbers in the morning for two years!  That's exciting in and of itself. I am praying that with this weight-loss, I will be able to cut out some of my medicine I am taking for my diabetes.

And now on the skinny (pun intended) on the weight loss. This morning when I stepped on the scales it reported to me something that I haven't seen in over five years. I am now under the 300 pound mark! It's only by 1 pound, but it is exciting for me. So far I have lost 16.2 pounds in the four weeks that I have been on my diet.

This means that so far I have raised $372.60 for our team who will meet us in Romania next June!  At first I was hoping to lose at least 30 pounds. And, until I reach that, it will be my goal. However, I'm starting to believe that I might be able to push it to closer to 50 pounds. I have until December 15 to lose as much weight as possible. I would like to raise more money for our team. Would you be willing to sponsor me per pound? Let me know. 

Until next week, keep praying for me and our team as we raise our money and I lose weight.

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