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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The LONG Trip to OCC

I am sitting in the church van as we travel to Charlotte, NC listening some praise music and thinking about how much things have changed over the past 14 years with this trip.

I can write this post while traveling because I have four other people who are are willing (read want) to drive a van! This much better than having to drive and then still be in charge like I used to do. (blogs and iPhones are new as well).

The warehouse will be filled with 100s of volunteers unlike the first years where there were less than 50 most of the time. We are also outside of town as opposed to being downtown in the old convention center.

We stay in suites with stoves and refrigerators as opposed to regular rooms with ice filled coolers. The suites are actually more economical since you can have more people in each room.

There will millions of boxes this year - so many more than 14 years ago.

However, we go with the same purpose in mind - to get the boxes to kids who need to see God's love. I pray that we work hard, have fun and have our, and other lives changed forever.

Joel Snyder


Trish said...

oh the memories!

stacer said...

14 yrs ago-i was there! wish i were now!