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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Guess Who I Met at Evan Almighty

We had a nice time in Baltimore yesterday afternoon/evening for the screening of Evan Almighty. I will post my review later, but I would encourage everyone to see the movie and that's all I will say about that now.

Aaron and I had a good conversation on the 2 and a half hour trip to "Mobtown". We found the Charles Theater and headed toward Inner Harbor. Unfortunately, we were travelling during rush hour, got in the wrong lane and eventually were headed to Washington D.C. After getting turned around, we decided to return to the theater instead of going to our original destination. Next to the theater was "Tapas Teatro" an European Spanish cafe, where we decided to eat. It was perfectness. We sat outside along historic Charles Street. I had Spicy Croquettes de Tapas Teatro, Pan Fried Steak and potatoes. The price was a bit more than I usually pay but it was worth it.

The Charles Theater was really cool. The building has high windows, industrial ceilings, a traditional ticket window and snack counter and boasts 5 theaters. We were some of the first to be seated. About five minutes before the move started a blast from the past entered the theater. Jeremy "Beanie" Heisey, a former youth kid, and three friends walked past me. What a nice surprise. Everyone (even his mom) has called him Beanie since his high school days since he looked a lot like Mr. Bean. (Actually, he now looks a little like "Evan" during his early Noah days in Evan Almighty.) I will post more about this interesting guy at a later time.

We all settled down while the Representative from Universal Pictures announced the movie.

I have a few pics I will post later.


beaNie said...

By the way, I don't look like Evan anymore: I cut all my hair off on Saturday. It was just too hot.
The beard stayed, though.

Joel said...

That is sooooo funny to think about!