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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Theater or Church

Saw this on Lark News thanks to Lori V. I am not sure what to think? Give me your opinion.

Woman Upset by Theater Mix-up

LANCASTER, Pa. — Maria Holsapple thought she was attending performances at the local community theater, but after twelve weeks, she was angered to learn she had been attending Oak Grove Center, a 3,000-member church. "I would never willingly go into an evangelical church," says Holsapple, a practicing Catholic. She came after Oak Grove mailed her "tickets" to upcoming "drama presentations." She enjoyed the "mini-concert, the play and the motivational speech they threw in at the end," she says. "It worked well as performance art," she says.

"I was convinced it was a groundbreaking new theater company." But when neighbors remarked that they had seen her at church, Holsapple called Oak Grove and discovered it was a house of worship. "The pastor quoted Jesus, but he quoted Socrates, too, and Britney Spears," she says. "How was I to know?" •

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