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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday @ Camp

We left on Sunday for our kids camp for a week. We rent Camp Mantowagan close to Saxton, PA. The camp is close to Raystown Lake and Lake Raystown Resort. Sunday went relatively well. Jason Snowberger and some of his youth are doing the teaching. Jason is artistically talented and has been doing some neat things with a scupture of a scientist and his computer. Aaron spoke at campfire. We have over 70 kids from 1st - 6th grade.

I think we have a really good group of adults and teens to make up the staff for the week. I am always impressed with the teens each year. I think we have some of the BEST camp food around. Kay Landis (Kay's Katering) and Judy Hoffman are some of the best cooks around and Lori Alderfer is here again baking home made bread and other goodies.

Check back for some pics and more the rest of the week.

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