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Friday, July 6, 2007

Wednesday at Workcamp

We have had intermittent internet and I haven't been so lucky to hit it when it has been on. We have had a really good week so far. My group - Justin, Seth, Bria, Lauren, Ashley and myself - continued to work at Mammy's house on Wednesday clearing brush. I went over to our other group's house to take some video in the morning. Aaron, Bob, Felecia, Krista (with a "K") Adrianne, Zach and Nathan (better known as "Frenchy") were working hard demolishing, flooring, insulating and much more. They needed some drywall and I drove the van and trailer so Aaron could stay back. On the way, I saw signs to Loretta Lynn's birthplace. I understand the owners will give you a tour for $5.00. Maybe someday. We got the drywall and after taping some, I returned back to Mammy's. Then, just after lunch, the girls started the roof. It took us about 45 minutes to stir the roofing "paint" with our makeshift stick but we got it done and painted about one third of the roof. It was a half day and the girls were glad because it was getting warm on the roof. So, we quit around 1 PM and went back to the church and waited for our other group. I will post about our supper later.

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