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Monday, August 20, 2007

A Great Steak at Texas Roadhouse

So, Friday night a couple of us went to the outlets in Lancaster. After spending too much money in the Big Dogs store, we went across the highway to Texas Roadhouse. I was looking forward to a nice meal as I have lived on Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches all week at football preseason camp. This was my second trip to this Roadhouse. The wait was long, as expected. They have a window to watch the grill team making the steaks, etc. I probably watched for at least 20 minuets, with nothing better to do. We were also given the chance to select the steak we wanted to have prepared. It was a good idea and it helped take our minds off of the wait time, if even for a few minutes. It is a fun atmosphere with loud music, peanut shells on the floor, and line dancing wait staff. The best part of the evening was the steak. I haven't had a steak as good as that since. . . well I don't remember the last time I have had a steak as good. Seriously, it just seemed to melt in your mouth. I savored every minute of it. I will definitely look forward to the my next trip to Lancaster and the Roadhouse. For now, it is back to PB&J at preseason.

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Michele said...

Why am I never invited anymore? Am I too married? Too poor? Oh woe is me.