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Monday, September 17, 2007

19 Years Later, He Awakes!

Found this on How amazing and what a great story of devotion. Read the entire story here. I have posted a snippet of the article below.

A comatose man woke up after being asleep for 19 years, to find that his
world had changed beyond all recognition.Polish railway worker Jan Grzebski lost
consciousness in 1988 after being struck by a train. He suffered horrific
injuries when his head was trapped between two carriages.He didn't come out of
his coma until Sunday June 3 2007 when he opened his eyes to see his devoted
wife Gertruda's face looking at him. She cared for him all through his coma.Mr.
Grzebski was given only about two years to live after he slipped into
unconsciousness in 1988 and doctors discovered he had a tumor on his brain.But
he remained in good health due to the tireless efforts of his saintly wife
Gertruda. She fed and washed her husband's motionless body every day and moved
him every hour to prevent bedsore infections.Jan's doctor said she had "done the
job of an entire intensive care team."Her devotion was rewarded when at 65 years
of age Jan came out of his coma. He told members of his family he had vague
memories of family gatherings and relatives talking to him, trying to provoke a

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