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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tony Dungy Envy

Just got done reading Jana Grant's blog. I am sooooooo jealous . . . She had the opportunity to interview Tony Dungy for the weekly radio show she co-hosts! I want to interview Tony Dungy! No, really, I would like to someday have the opportunity to meet Tony Dungy, but I am happy for Jana. You really need to visit her blog and read the funny story about it.

I have been a colts fan since I was a little boy - when they were the BALTIMORE Colts (and I have to admit that I didn't root for the Colts for about two years after they moved to Indianapolis. I am over it now). I love what Dungy has done for the Colts organization both on the field and off. He has been a great example so far. I pray he continues to keep Christ first in all he does.

Good job Jana!

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janalynn said...

Wow - I didn't know that you made a post about me! I feel honored almost famous I must say - I got mentioned on Joel's blog - I am so cool!!!

PS speaking of our show - did you know that we are now podcasted!