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Monday, October 22, 2007

What You Can Learn While Walking - Meteors and Oleo

I am considering beginning another blog about my daily walks with my mother, her cousin George and added this morning my sister, Melanie. More about that later.

Today's walk was very informative and enjoyable. Early on in the walk George told us about the meteor shower that was in its peak over October 21. Throughout the walk we were able to see a good number of meteors streak across the sky. I never would have been able to see it if I had been sleeping and not walking. Chalk one up for getting up to walk.

The second new thing was about Oleo. Oleo is what a lot of people around the Mahantango call margarine. George related a story about oleo and told us that oleo is actually a clear substance. He said at one time you had to "explode" a yellow dye into the oleo and kneed it to make the oleo look yellow like butter. George talked about how they enjoyed this process when he was growing up. I had a harder time than usually finding information about oleo or "oleomargarine" on the Internet. Wikipedia came through again. It seems that oleo was cheaper than butter and the dairy industry fought to keep it off the shelves by trying to keep the oleo industry from coloring their product. See the entire article here. Also, check out the funny video I posted about "You Can't Believe It's Not Butter" in April.

Hey, Wednesday is Nation Bologna Day. We will be having Bologna at my youth group this week. Does anyone have any good ways to serve or good dips for bologna. Let me know.

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