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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Acadia, Carmen Verandah, and "Udder Heaven"

We had a really nice day yesterday spending most of the day at Acadia National Park.  We have pictures we will be adding later.  Needless to say, the views were great!  We bought a "tour on cd" and was able to hear a lot of the history of the park and island while driving from location to location. 
After spending about 5 hours in Acadia, we drove to Bar Harbor to try to beat the supper crowd, and we were glad we did.  We settled on a cafe named "Carmen Verandah" and were able to sit on the "Varandah" overlooking the town park and Main Street.  Jana had wings and I had the half pound burger and fries.  Looking for something different, we both tried their homemade kettle chips.  Everything was good.  The chips were nothing special but were acceptable.  The weather was perfect for eating outside and I enjoyed the company I was with and "people watching" as well.  A veiw from our table is to the right. 

After supper we took a stroll and stopped in numerous down-town shops.  A lot of interesting items but we really didn't purchase much.  Other than moose, the other item they push is blueberries.  So, Jana bought some blueberry soda. 

We then went back to our hotel to take a dip in the heated pool and sit in the hot tub and decided to find some ice cream to top off a great day.  We drove away from "Baa Haa Baa" and found an ice cream shop called "Udder Heaven".  The ice cream was delicious but I paid $11.00 for two small ice cream cones and a medium soda!  I wished I was at Cruiser's Cafe

Look for more pictures soon and also on Jana's Facebook and blog, 


Anonymous said...

As the owner of Udder Heaven I am quite confident that either our staff over charged you by mistake or you had medium cones. Don't forget the tax on top of that.If you are in BH again, come see me. I will be sure to make things right. Angelina Bovina

Joel Snyder said...

Not a problem, Angelina. Everything was more expensive there. I appreciate you letting us know and the offer. We loved it there and hope to come back again. If we do we will stop in again - and pay the going rate! Best wishes to you and your business.