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Monday, August 16, 2010

Guys and Girls - The Differences

Just got back from visiting some early morning pre-season practices. One was girls soccer and one guys soccer. (My goal is to get to as many practices where kids from church/CRUX participate this week. I did get to go to the first day of Band Camp last week as well.) I found a few interesting differences in the two teams. The first practice (girls) started at 7 AM with the guys at starting at 7 AM. BTW - Non of this is intended as criticism, just showing the differences. Both teams had to complete a mile run in a certain time.

  • The first thing I noticed is that the girls smelled so much better than guys and were much more interested in how they looked before they started - and afterward.
  • The girls seemed less interested in "making the time" than the guys (and, a not as many did it).
  • Both teams were really encouraging to their team mates but the guys were more "pushing", (saying things like "Pick it up" and "Everyone needs to make the time") while the girls were more "generic" ("Good Job" "Keep it up").
  • A lot of the guys ran without their shirts while, well . . . obviously the girls kept their shirts on.
  • The girls asked each other their times and the guys didn't.
I just thought it was really interesting how much different the genders really were.  It was great to be able to encourage these kids and I hope to get to more this week. 

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