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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yesterday - The Digby Neck, Annapolis Royal and the Acadian Region

We had a really nice day visiting Digby Neck, Annapolis Royal and the Acadian region of Nova Scotia!   I must admit that as we traveled in the morning, I was a bit concerned about how the day was going to go.  We stopped at Gulliver's Cove, Sandy Cove, Mink Cove and Petite Passage.  They were all nice to see and yet very, very rustic.  I guess I am kind of more of a tourist trap person than I thought.  But, I really appreciated what God created! 

Annopolis Royal was a really enjoyable visit.  The town had some beautiful homes and shops.  We also enjoyed Fort Anne and the history we learned there.  This town wasn't over sized, but seemed to have a lot of things to do as well.  Not too far down the road was an amusement park as well.  We didn't stop, but it we might have if we had more time.  So far, if I had to stay in a town in Nova Scotia again, I would highly consider Annapolis Royal. 

My "Rappie Pie" meal!?
After Annapolis Royal we headed the eastern side of St. Mary's Bay to the Acadian section, we enjoyed seeing a few lighthouses and stopping at the numerous old churches along the way.  At the Gilberts Cove lighthouse we were able to climb the stairs to the top and had a nice visit with the volunteer there.   Our site seeing ended with supper at the Roadside Grill and Cottages.  Jana and I had deep fried pepperoni as an appetiser and I had "Rapure" or "Rappie Pie", in English, for my main dish.  Always wanting to try local favorites, this sounded good.  When it came to our table, it didn't look quite as good.  They basically "juice" the potato and then add meat broth along with the meat (I had beef.  I wanted chicken but they were all out) and bake it in the oven.  The potatoes become like jelly.  It was . . . interesting . . . not bad, but I probably wouldn't order it again. 

Today we leave Ocean Hillside B&B and travel/site see to the Halifax area.  Before we leave, I would like to encourage anyone who travels to the Digby area to consider staying at this gorgeous bed and Breakfast.  Bob is a gourmet chef and Maria is a decorator.  She has also quilted all the quilts on the beds.  Our breakfasts were "wicked good" and the accomodations were perfect.  We had a really good time here. 

You will see more pictures soon and you could see Jana's Facebook page or her blog.

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Cynthia said...

Rappie Pie, the comfort food of many an Acadian. It sure is different, and seems like a love it or hate it food for many. I had a little of a chicken Rappie Pie at the Acadian Village and it was very tasty indeed! It's great of you to try it! Nothing beats Digby scallops though...mmm....memories of Digby! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Cynthia...from Nova Scotia Tourism.