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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Our small groups at church have been discussing "Changing Your World Through Kindness" by Steve Sjogren. In this book we have talked about how small things done with great love can be used as spiritual warfare. I have been struggling with putting what we have learned into action. Today I picked up snail mail from Youth Specialties that has been around here for a couple of days. In the envelope was a flyer for Youth Specialties, Steve Sjogren, and others have teamed up to produce this website and organization. This is being produced in advance of the movie "Evan Almighty"(opening June 22), the sequel to "Bruce Almighty". In the movie, "Evan sets out on an adventure of a lifetime that tests his faith, befuddles his family, and serves as the ultimate act of random kindness." I was a little leery at first but I have really enjoyed the small group discussion and now I hope to implement it at Richfield. Here is what says about the program.

ArkALMIGHTY is a good deeds program that matches up the needs in your
congregation with the talents and skills of the members of your church.
Gathering the needs of your attendees, these requests are compiled on a website
administered by your church. Then, the members of your church can easily search
through the needs and find ways they can help.

The website is designed to enable youth groups and
churches to easily get involved in practical and tangible volunteerism. There
are countless needs out there that, up until now, have had no way to be met. But
now they do, thanks to ArkALMIGHTY. By searching your church's ArkALMIGHTY
webpage, your congregation will soon see just how much need there is in their
midst – and that they can be the catalyst for change.

So head on over to and sign up today. Act fast and
you'll receive a FREE Ark Kit to help launch ArkALMIGHTY in your church.

ArkALMIGHTY - Get on Board!


Standing under the Sky said...

Mother Teresa often talked about small things done with great love. Interesting post.

Stopping by on Blog Your Blessings Sunday.

Joel said...

Thanks for the comment. I have really enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing how we can use "ArkAlmighty" for small things done with great love.