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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blog Your Blessings Sunday #2

Yesterday I was a groomsman in my friend's wedding. The best man, the groom's brother, will soon be finishing the final three treatments of chemo-therapy. As he and I have talked over the past year or so, he never complained about his treatments. Yesterday, for the first time, he just said, "I didn't know how great it is to wake up healthy, until I spent months feeling so poorly." This statement was in response to my question about how he was feeling - not a complaint. It made me think how blessed I am to be able to go to bed knowing that, most likely the next morning, I will feel pretty good, no matter how early I get up.

God has blessed me with so many things that I take for granted and today I would just like to say thank you to Him for 41 years of pretty good health.

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